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Looking for the Winter Newsletter - Unfortunately, we are having problems downloading the Winter Newsletter, due to the amount of space we have available to us on our website.  We hope to have this resolved soon.  If you need a copy sent to you, please email me (Lee Toole), and I will try to get one sent off to you by email.  If you are looking for the ballot to vote for coaches, umpires, fields of the year, and college coaches of the year, that ballot can be found below this information.  Everyone who still receives a Newsletter by mail should have received their copy already.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the clinic,  January 17-18, at the Marriott Hotel in Cedar Rapids!!

The 2020 IHSBCA Clinic is just around the corner.  This year's clinic is Janaury 17-18, 2020 in    Cedar Rapids at the Marriott Hotel on Collins Road.  The link to reserve rooms at the Marriott Hotel is listed below - just click on the link.  The clinic registration form is also listed below for coaches and umpires to download and print off -  see you in January!!

Please download the ballot, vote for coaches and umpires of the year, along with diamonds and college coaches of the year.  Fill out the back page if interested in serving on a committee or if you have earned one of the listed awards.  Please return to Lee Toole.



2019 All-State Team Captains

2019 Award Winners

2019 All Star Series Snap Shots


                  2019 IHSBCA Clinic Snap Shots - January 18-19

                                 Cedar Rapids Marriott Hotel


Welcome to our new website page celebrating 50 years of Iowa coaches, umpires and players. 

The launch of our re-designed website kicks off a year-long celebration of promoting baseball in Iowa and across the Midwest. 

Our site include pictures, information and award winners as well as our new Baseball Bulletin Board on the front page where coaches and players can find a variety of information including; scheduling games, job openings, our current newsletter and a membership form for the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association, among other things.  Please click on the link below or the 50th Anniversary link in the menu.

We hope you enjoy a lok back at our history.  If you have any pictures or information you would like to see included in any of the 50th Anniversary pages, please contact Steve Hanson at:

Celebrating 50 Years.  January 19 and 20, 2018 in Cedar Rapids.

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